As a side-project/hobby, I write about football. Some of my recent work (as of 04/20) can be found below:

Past his peak? Assessing goalkeeper performance by age and Manuel Neuer vs Alexander Nübel

For Bavarian Football Works, I analyzed goalkeeper peak age, and the performance of Bayern Munich’s great but ageing Manuel Neuer. I found that Neuer continues to be a very good goalkeeper, but that his performances are gradually declining, suggesting that the effects of age are starting to wear on him, and showing that even the greatest athletes ever can’t beat Father Time.


The Hinrunde Review: Analyzing Dortmund’s Season So Far

Before the 2019/20 season was interrupted by Covid-19, I carried out an analysis of the first half of the BVB season. I looked at team and individual performances, and identified some key areas of concern going forward.


The Earth is Flat and Felix Zwayer is an Agent of Bavaria: Are Referees Biased?

Using data taken from the German football website, Wahre Tabelle, I studied referee errors and looked for evidence of bias for or against certain teams. Every fan base likes to believe they’re hard done by, but unfortunately I found little to suggest this is really the case.