I’m a data scientist working for the NHS South, Central and West CSU in their Population Health Management team. My work has included leveraging publicly available data to understand the impact that deprivation has on health inequalities in England, and using event counts data to build forecasting models of utilisation of NHS resources.

Prior to working in the health sector, I have also carried out research in an academic setting, as a political scientist, and applied my skill set to sports analytics. My academic research focused on party and party system change, particularly the development of new political parties in established systems. In sports analytics, I have built an expected value model for volleyball, using data from women’s college volleyball, and I have used event data to cluster football players and build a model that identifies players that are most similar to any player in the dataset.

I am interested in combining my formal education in statistics and quantitative methods with my knowledge of machine learning and deep learning, and applying these techniques to problems of understanding human behavior and the social world. While data is central to the way I work, it is not the focus of my interest in data science. At heart, I am someone that wants to understand how the world works, and enjoys telling stories that help others do the same, and leveraging data and the quantitative techniques that I have learned, allow me to do that.